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MidEast Vocals library concentrates on traditional, improvisational, ethnic vocal samples from various cultures of middle east music spanning  from more authentic to relatively modern.

MidEast Vocals is for NI KONTAKT, also available as 24 bit WAV. (over 700 mb content)

  • 6 Solo Playable Multisample Vocal Instruments (KONTAKT)
  • 6 Long – Short Sample & Loop Players (KONTAKT)
  • 37 Long Improvisations
  • 38 Short Improvisations
  • 32 Natural Loops
  • 33 Processed Loops
  • 170 Total Samples (including Multisamples)

For more info read Mideast Vocals booklet.

Get free taster samples.

Askaudiomag Review, (read more)

Unique vocal library; great for any world music genre.”

Ohmlab review,

We were absolutely floored by this collection. In fact, MidEast Vocals sample pack is so good that it kind of threw us off our game a bit.


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