How to Make Your Music Standout

Thousands of tracks are uploaded – released everyday and a main challenge for todays producer is to standout of all that noise. If your music is not heard by people you may loose your energy to produce more and pursue a career as an artist. The general approach is to achieve a better production quality […]

Studio Time Season 2 with Junkie XL : Composing Strings

We love the work of Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL as a composer mixing orchestral music with electronics. He also produced a bunch of tutorial videos last year that lets aspiring composers learn his workflow. Now he starts Season 2 with Composing for Strings video. C O N N E C T with Junkie XL […]

Artist Workflow II : Jon Hopkins & Robot Koch

This is the second of artist workflow series focusing on electronica artists and their workflow. These videos are inspirational as well as explorational. Jon Hopkins and Robot Koch show us how they work and what inspires them. Jon Hopkins is a rising name for the electronica seen after the album “Immunity”. Within this interview he […]

Practical Odd Meter Guide to World Music

Many cultures, in time, had odd meters as a natural part of their musical/rhythmic structures. Since we recorded couple songs of this nature in Balkan Vocals library, wanted to share some practical clues to approach it, if you are a total stranger to the concept and interested. An odd meter, from the listeners point of view, is […]